Some journal love …. I created my first journal for my Instagram friends, to help with a common problem ‘ what do I write for my caption?’ Naturally as it was a journal / planner for IG, it had to be a square shaped journal, but square is not always popular with everybody, so I created a second volume, in the traditional journal size with a lightly different planner interior. My third journal was the Cute Girl Photography Notebook, although not my artwork, I loved the vibe, I created this journal as I always recall my photography tutor who’s advice was always take a notebook with you when taking photos, make a note of date, time, weather conditions, note as much information so that you could learn from your results, it was very sound advice! Living by the coast and very close to Martin Dorey of the #2minbeachclean as well as #2minutesolution I felt a Beach Cleanup Journal would be a great way to record just how much plastic pollution we are collecting from our beautiful beaches. So a love of creating journals and planners has begun, I have a huge list of ideas of what to create next, so please check back again soon.