The Falkland Islands, or to be more precise, Port Stanley. I was very lucky to visit for just 1 day as part of a South American Cruise, lucky in two ways, first to be able to visit, secondly the Captain of our cruise Ship, MS Zaandam, had forewarned us that there was a 50/50 chance of actually being to enter the waters of the Falklands due to their erratic weather conditions, although it was Spring/Summer down in the southern hemisphere, this bares no relation to the Falklands, where all 4 seasons can happen in a day! However after having 10 days of cloud/rain/high seas we awoke to bright blue sky, sunshine and the calmest of waters, which was a real bonus as the ship had to drop Anchor 2 miles outside of the Port, leaving us to take a much smaller boat in the form of Tender to sail into Port Stanley. Our first greeting was from the resident Sealions, one of which was enjoying a sunbathing session on the landing jetty, to our delight by the end of our day he had some companions for us to enjoy whilst we waited for our tender back to the ship. I had a very enjoyable day visiting Port Stanley, which is totally geared up for tourism, plenty of tourist information, many tours available and very friendly locals too, I particularly enjoyed a visit to their museums learning about their rich history, not just the conflict back in the 80’s, although there are a number of canons along the grass verge of the Port, which I was informed were still ready for action! Some surprises I found about Port Stanley, was just how pretty it looked, the canons, how ‘English’ it looked, quite bazaar feeling seeing the very Biritsh Police Station’ with the Bobby on the Beat too! Plus the Post Office, but the biggest surprise was the Prison that was adjacent to the Police Station, apparently it had some inmates also. My lasting memories will be the fragrance in the air, there is an abundance of gorse, which was in full bloom, wafting it’s coconut scent, with little pollution on the island it was a delight to enjoy!