How this photo won a prize


I was pretty delighted to receive a tweet from Adobe UK telling me I had won their competition, well actually blimmin thrilled ! Way back in July I was busy scrolling through Instagram when up popped a photo from Julia of @humphreyandgrace, announcing that she had been invited to give a live demonstration of some of her editing processes using Lightroom on the Adobe Uk Live You Tube programme. I am great admirer of julia's work so I was keen to watch. I had never come across AdobeUk Live before  I had to  pop the date  into my calendar to remind me to join in. In fact they had 4  high profile instagrammers to come and share their editing  techniques.   I have been using Lightroom for a number of years, and as with a lot of these Adobe programmes, there are just so many tools available  so any opportunity that presents itself for me to broaden my Lightroom knowledge I jump at, particularly when it involves a well known photographer sharing some of their editing tips, a chance not to be missed! At the end of the programme the presenter announced the competition, edit a photograph using some of the techniques demonstrated and share on Twitter with the hashtag makeit, the prize being a years free membership of Lightroom and Photoshop, well this was music to my ears, my annual membership was due to expire in August and a renewal fee is over a £100.00. I knew I had to enter the competition. One of the many tips I had learned was from Julia about the luminance slider  in the HSL, so with that in mind, I went through some recent photographs that I had not edited successfully which was a recent a trip to Pisa, Italy,  street photography and landscape are not my thing,  therefore my editing style simply didn't enhance my photographs which meant I had left them sitting on my hard drive waiting for some inspiration for another day.  This was the help I need, I chose a colourful riverside shot of the magnificent huge multi coloured buildings that line the edge of the riverside in Pisa, it was a stunning sunny winters day and sunset had just begun, the light was magical, but I was unable to recreate that beauty in my image.       

I had two photos in mind when I was considering the competition, I choose this one as it was the most colourful.  Kismet maybe? No, I do not think so, I believe as it was a prize I really really wanted I worked extra hard considering what the judges might be looking for and applied what I had learned from their programme. I am glad I did!