Stuck for Instagram Caption Ideas ?

Are you like me when it comes to posting your beautifully created photos onto Instagram or any Social Media Platform, then you get the writers block? Stuck for ideas for your Instagram Captions seemed to be quite an issue on the social media, which was how I came up with this journal/planner notebook to help solve that very problem. I personally found if I kept a few jottings on what was happening during my week when it came to posting a photo I found it so much easier to write using my notes to help me, so here is my latest journal which I hope very much will be of some use to everybody else too!

I have nearly 90 journal lined pages each with an individual guided prompt that hopefully may spark an idea for the writer, with plenty of space below to create your own ideas. Plus some pages to collect your favourite new hashtags, with a 3 month undated weekly planner to jot down your life’s events. Naturally there are some pages too, all in a 8.5 inch square soft cover book.