Don Quixote Windmills

At the end of August last Summer, 2017,  we took a short road trip from  Valencia across to Toledo, the former Capital of Spain, the highlight of the journey for me, was stopping to see the Windmills that had been featured in the stories of the well known Spanish legend Don Quixote, although he was a fictional character, the windmills definitely are not. They are spread across the region Castile De La Mancha, there are a few different places to stop and see them, but we had researched various drives as recommended by the  AA and chose to  stop in 2 specific places to take a closer look at these wonderful buildings.

Campo de Criptana

Despite being the end of August, the weather was pretty turbulent that day, with thunder, rain and stormy winds sweeping across the region, so our sightseeing was somewhat curtailed by the inclement weather. However our first stop was at a little Moorish Village named  'Campo de Criptana',  we followed the small signs ' Los Molinos' all through the village, until we arrived at the very top of the hill where the dozen or so  Windmills stood tall and proud overlooking the town and across the valley. It is completely free of charge to park your car and wander around the many windmills which are scattered across the hilltop, however if you would like to inside as many are renovated and run as small museums you then just pay a small amount to the keeper at the windmill doorway.  One windmill is now an official tourist office too. 



Out next stop which is possibly the most famous is up above the town of Consuegra, there are only 4 windmills up on the top of the hill side, next to the derelict Castle. Unfortunately by the time we arrived, the wind was literally howling, the sky was turning black and the rain just poured out of the sky, so I was able to take only a few shots. There is a bit of a steep walk from were you can park your car then walk up to the castle and then further up to the 4 windmills, but the wind was making it impossible to go any further than the first one. Perhaps if the weather had been kinder I might have enjoyed the visit more.

Of the two locations, I much preferred the first, Campo de Criptana, much easier to enjoy the windmills as they are all on the top of the hill with the free parking, cafe, restaurant close by, had the rain not been pouring I would have happily stayed to enjoy the view with a cup of coffee. The village is very quaint with many houses and buildings still painted white with blue outlines which was typical during the time of the Moors. Very few tourist books mention the village of Campo de Criptana, but the Windmills are well worth the visit if you are in the area.