How to add more background to an image

This is a tool that I love to use in Photoshop a lot, the Content Aware Tool, using this makes it so easy to take your beautiful Square Image and add more of the background to create some negative space.  Having more negative space is useful, if only to leave room for the eye to wander around your beautiful photograph, or you can use it to add some text, perhaps a favourite quote, or add another item to your photograph, such as a invitation you may be creating or perhaps a piece of artwork.

These are the basic steps taking your square image and creating a rectangle image.

Here is my original image a nice square shaped photograph.which is great to use on Instagram, but there are other possibilities for it as well, if it was bigger.


By using the Content Aware tool I now have the same but with some useful negative space.

To create this larger image, I took the following steps: 

 Open your square image in Photoshop

 Open the Crop Tool as shown here in on the left hand side of the  this image


Now grab the side of the image you wish to add more background too, I am adding more space to the right hand side of my image, by pulling out  to the new width that you want, then click on the tick at the top of the screen to accept. My image below shows by the pink arrow how far I have pulled it out, photoshop automatically fills the empty space with this black colour. and that is the space we are going to fill with the existing background. 


Go to the Selextion tool as indicated by my pink arrow, the use it to select the piece of background you are going to use.  

I have made my selection of the far right hand side of the image, just selecting the background part.


Now we have the last step, go back up to Edit, then choose Content Aware Scale from the menu, you will see your selection has changed, go to the middle of that selection and pull it out towards your space that you are filling. Click ok when it is completed.  

You now have the original image but with extra space!  Perfect to leave as is, or you could text for your favourite inspirational quote, or maybe add a piece of stationery or artwork.