5 Ways or more to use 1 photo


So you have some lovely floral photographs or maybe you have purchased some super styled stock images, yes you will want to start using them straight away, add a little fresh feed to your instagram or blog posts maybe, but then what to you do, well here are some super simple ideas to help you maximise the use of these images, so they are not simply one time use, then gone!  

So from one photo we can create at least 5 different images, plus more!  

1.  Lets add some text  


Give your followers a little sneeky peek on any up coming news from you or create your own motivational 'quotes of the day',  maybe you want to notify your followers of a sale or discount code, new blog posting, or product launch in your Etsy shop. There are many options to create these, using Photoshop, Lightroom or free online software too, such as Canva and Picmonkey,plus even on your iphone there is a a fab app, Over, I personally like to use Photoshop :)   Here I have added an overlay, reduced the opacity and added to different styles of text. 


2. How to make any styled stock photo fit your colour scheme! 


If you are like me, and you have a particular passion for a colour scheme that you like to use on your social media or website,  sometimes you come across a lovely image but it is just the wrong the colour to fit in with your chosen colour palette? There is a super easy way to to remedy this by simply adding a colour wash across the top of the photo, this can be achieved simply in Photoshop and online software such as Canva too. For my Instagram account, I have a love of pastels, so naturally I would choose a pink overlay, adjusting the amount of opacity you can change your original image quite dramatically, I personally prefer a lighter colour wash effect.  

3. Add a piece of your own own artwork.  

Ok, so you might have noticed that this is a slightly different photo, but you get my point, just how many different uses you can get from 1 photo!  


4. Zoom and Crop



5. Social Media fit plus some of the above technicques

Crop to square for Instagram, go vertical for Pinterest, horizontal for Twitter, pretty much any which way for Facebook!   Add some of the Text techniques, soon you can create lots of different images from just one.   

Horizontal for Twitter or a banner maybe.

Horizontal for Twitter or a banner maybe.

These are just a few simple and easy ways to maximise the use of your photos also giving your social media a more cohesive look.