Collaboration with Tea

I was thrilled to be contacted on instagram by the lovely Emily of  Newby Teas in London with a request for a little collaboration, they very kindly sent me a huge box with a selection of their luxurious Teas, I am a keen 'Herbal Tea' drinker, fruity flavours are my tea of choice always!   I was delighted to receive a box of their Strawberry and Mango Tissane's, which are packed full of pure dried fruits, hence the 'Tissane' and not 'Tea', each is individually tied in silken pouches, truly decadent not to mention devine to drink too! Their Green Tea is packed full of pure pieces of fruits, flower petals and the best quality tea, I was in Tea heaven! I certainly felt the pressure once I had received their generous free products, especially as they had included a beautiful 'Wave' Porcelain Cup and Saucer, well you wouldn't drink Newby Teas from any old mug! However once it arrived, I certainly felt under pressure with excitement, such a  responsibility creating some photographs which I hoped they would then use and  share on their social media platforms, but the BONUS was one of my photographs was featured in a Newby Tea Publication in Poland!  What a lovely surprise that was!   This is the featured photograph, my 'human touch' shot. 


Flatlay design for spring, with a soothing Silken Pyramid Chamomile Tissane