Stuck for Instagram Caption Ideas ?

Are you like me when it comes to posting your beautifully created photos onto Instagram or any Social Media Platform, then you get the writers block? Stuck for ideas for your Instagram Captions seemed to be quite an issue on the social media, which was how I came up with this journal/planner notebook to help solve that very problem. I personally found if I kept a few jottings on what was happening during my week when it came to posting a photo I found it so much easier to write using my notes to help me, so here is my latest journal which I hope very much will be of some use to everybody else too!

I have nearly 90 journal lined pages each with an individual guided prompt that hopefully may spark an idea for the writer, with plenty of space below to create your own ideas. Plus some pages to collect your favourite new hashtags, with a 3 month undated weekly planner to jot down your life’s events. Naturally there are some pages too, all in a 8.5 inch square soft cover book.

Dot Grid Bullet Journal now on Amazon !

Lets keep this short and sweet, I have my first Dot Grid Journal/Notebook on sale with Amazon, ( hooray). This summer I have been busy learning how to use Illustrator to create floral designs, I have 10 years, more or less experience of taking Floral Photography, I wanted to do a bit more with my photography and photos other than selling prints and cards. I had the idea of creating my own floral graphic designs to use amongst other things for stationery. This is my first basic Notebook, just pages of equally spaced dots grids which are so useful for organising your thoughts, creating to do lists, practising your doodles, sketches, crochet patterns, basically whatever you want to jot down into a handy notebook. I am full of ideas for others which will be more specific, planners, prompt guides plus of course adding some coloring books for the grown ups. But I wanted to try this out first, create a basic book but create my own cover design, needless to say I have ordered some notebooks which I will using as a giveaway on Instagram soon, so make sure you take a peek and don’t miss the chance to win one! I used Createspace which is part of Amazon to publish it, but this is now being merged into Kindle, yep Kindle is no longer simply all about E books, but will be selling real books, that you can touch and feel, turn the corners over (infuriates Mr H ) I enjoy reading on my Kindle it is so convenient for travelling, and now I am amused at how full circle we go in life, Kindle selling the real thing again.

Anyway I am chuffed to bits that I have created my own design and have a bullet point booklet up for sale across the world!