Stuck for Instagram Caption Ideas ?

Are you like me when it comes to posting your beautifully created photos onto Instagram or any Social Media Platform, then you get the writers block? Stuck for ideas for your Instagram Captions seemed to be quite an issue on the social media, which was how I came up with this journal/planner notebook to help solve that very problem. I personally found if I kept a few jottings on what was happening during my week when it came to posting a photo I found it so much easier to write using my notes to help me, so here is my latest journal which I hope very much will be of some use to everybody else too!

I have nearly 90 journal lined pages each with an individual guided prompt that hopefully may spark an idea for the writer, with plenty of space below to create your own ideas. Plus some pages to collect your favourite new hashtags, with a 3 month undated weekly planner to jot down your life’s events. Naturally there are some pages too, all in a 8.5 inch square soft cover book.

How this photo won a prize


I was pretty delighted to receive a tweet from Adobe UK telling me I had won their competition, well actually blimmin thrilled ! Way back in July I was busy scrolling through Instagram when up popped a photo from Julia of @humphreyandgrace, announcing that she had been invited to give a live demonstration of some of her editing processes using Lightroom on the Adobe Uk Live You Tube programme. I am great admirer of julia's work so I was keen to watch. I had never come across AdobeUk Live before  I had to  pop the date  into my calendar to remind me to join in. In fact they had 4  high profile instagrammers to come and share their editing  techniques.   I have been using Lightroom for a number of years, and as with a lot of these Adobe programmes, there are just so many tools available  so any opportunity that presents itself for me to broaden my Lightroom knowledge I jump at, particularly when it involves a well known photographer sharing some of their editing tips, a chance not to be missed! At the end of the programme the presenter announced the competition, edit a photograph using some of the techniques demonstrated and share on Twitter with the hashtag makeit, the prize being a years free membership of Lightroom and Photoshop, well this was music to my ears, my annual membership was due to expire in August and a renewal fee is over a £100.00. I knew I had to enter the competition. One of the many tips I had learned was from Julia about the luminance slider  in the HSL, so with that in mind, I went through some recent photographs that I had not edited successfully which was a recent a trip to Pisa, Italy,  street photography and landscape are not my thing,  therefore my editing style simply didn't enhance my photographs which meant I had left them sitting on my hard drive waiting for some inspiration for another day.  This was the help I need, I chose a colourful riverside shot of the magnificent huge multi coloured buildings that line the edge of the riverside in Pisa, it was a stunning sunny winters day and sunset had just begun, the light was magical, but I was unable to recreate that beauty in my image.       

I had two photos in mind when I was considering the competition, I choose this one as it was the most colourful.  Kismet maybe? No, I do not think so, I believe as it was a prize I really really wanted I worked extra hard considering what the judges might be looking for and applied what I had learned from their programme. I am glad I did!  



New Hashtag

I am super excited to have been asked my a fellow Makelighter, @flistee if I would collaborate with her and @Ros_nicols on a new Instagram hashtag, I was delighted to have been asked, with some debate on a suitable hashtag, finding something we liked that had not been used before was quite a challenge, however this is the one we finally agreed upon:  #serendipitystyling. We felt this hashtag would allow pretty much any subject to included, being the whole serendipity thing, any thing goes! Each Sunday we will pick four, so there are no set timescales for people to post their images, making it super easy and convenient, fingers crossed the IG community like it! Feel free to join us....... :)