Brand Ambassador Bloom and Wild

Woohoo ! I  have been asked to join in a Bloom and Wild Brand Ambassador Campaign. I received the invite via Instagram (another reason why I totally love using Instagram ) From the inspiring Bloom and Wild Florists, actually florist is really underselling them, they are leading the way in changing the delivery of flowers, making it much more exciting for the recipient, as you do not have to be in to take delivery of their flowers as they come flat packed in a slimline box which are able to be popped through your letter box! This means you can actually send a friend a bouquet of flowers which will be a surprise, seeing them sitting on their doormat when they return home, how lovely is that !  Another Plus for the folks at Bloom and Wild, their flowers  are  sent by tracked next day delivery  so you know exactly where they are, which they do not charge for, Free next day delivery, what's not to love about these people!   This is like a dream job for me, taking photographs of beautifully gorgeous flowers, I was thrilled to be included, it is only for 3 months, but still, better than none at all. The benefits include a friends and family discount code which give a 20% discount on their flowers, and a very savvy friend of mine, was able to save a lot of money as  Bloom and Wild offer  subscription products, so for a set numbers of months, they will send flowers to your chosen friends or family,  you can save 20% on this, so not just a one off discount, but your total subscription is 20 % cheaper, what a great idea :) 

 Here is the discount code  enjoy! 

My first flowers I received where the beautiful 'Orla' Bouquet, the roses were simply amazing, gorgeous red and gold, I thought they would make a stunning decoration for my Christmas, table, maybe add some fairy light love, creates a beautiful festive decoration.