Dark and moody for the shortest day of the year

21st December is the shortest day of the year, and boy am I glad to see it knowing that from the 22nd the days are going to begin to get longer. I only use natural lighting for my photography, and winter time is just so difficult with the all the cloudy days we have along with the shortest period of time in the day to try and take some photographs, it does present some challenges to say the least! Roll on those longer days!  

Winter time is the perfect time to create those 'dark and moody' images, which I find quite difficult to  create as I am naturally drawn to light and bright but I was delighted to read and watch a tutorial by the lovely Cristina Colli on her blog on how using Lightroom to edit a dark and moody style of image.  I have created a  Before and After shot of a beautiful Blue Thistle, Eryngium, I love to shoot in  RAW as it is such a blank canvas to be able to  add my own style of editing to the images. As you can see the Before is pretty bland, but by making some adjustments which included changing the Temperature which helped to create that 'Blue' background, adding some contrast, and using the Adjustment Brush Tool to paint on some highlights, it has totally changed the final look, much more appealing don't you think? 


Here are some screen shots  

Ist Image

Is the original RAW file without any adjustments

2nd Image

I have changed the White Balance Temperature moving the tool more towards the blue spectrum, it was 6450 as you can see on the original but I altered it to 4903    

3rd Image

colour saturation adjustments in the HSL section

4th Image

Using the Adjustment brush to add highlights to the side of the thistle which was facing the light source