Pop Idol that still has it!

Remember Martin Kemp? Spandau Ballet fame, Eastenders Actor, starring in The Kray Twins remake film, well he had a 1 night show here in north Devon recently, I had to go, what a fabulous evening it was. At first I was a little disappointed, inside the theatre, there were  signs ' no videography, no photography' what was I going to do, I couldn't be so close and not take a shot or two! Luckily, once inside and seated, the audience were informed of course you can take a photo, just no flash, with that a 'sea of mobile phones' appeared, including mine!  I had just upgraded my iphone to the 7 Plus with the new 'Live' settings in the camera, I found it so useful taking these photos, a moving subject is always hard to predict, especially on a stage and in the dark (well almost ) it is so helpful just selecting from the many shots the camera has taken to pick the one which was the most in focus.