My Favourite learning photography books

Remember those things called books, when you held them in your hands, sometimes started reading from the back first, turning the corners of your favourite pages, before the kindle and Tablets, Ipads and all things electronic took over, well for me I cannot beat buying an actual book for photography, I tried out my Kindle with a couple of photography books, but it simply didn't work for me,  I found the images just simply did not look as great, as for trying to follow instructions when trying out a lesson to learn a Lightroom technique, I found that nearly impossible to do, so now I always buy the actual photography books, where I can dip in and out really easily and enjoy the amazing images in all their glory!

When I was first learning photography, my tutor recommended quite a few photographers books, and even now a good few years on, I still on occasions pick them up and refresh my memory on some of the techniques that I rarely use.  

In the beginning, when I was really getting to grips with my first ever DSLR my favourite books were written by an American Photographer, Bryan Petersen, I loved his straight forward, say it as it is approach, brilliant analogies to explain things, in particular his 'worker bees'  to explain the effects of different Iso's settings to your final exposure, he has so many easy ways to understand the art of photography, plus his excellent before and after images. Of course now he is on You Tube, the internet, but here are selection of my favourite learning photography books from him.


There is a new book being published later this year, September 2017, certainly will be on my to buy list!