Lilac Colour Palette


I had been busy admiring all the many beautiful Lilac Flowers images posted on Instagram during April, and feeling just a little disappointed that I was not fortunate enough to have any, or know anybody who had some growing in their gardens, when out of the blue my husband was driving me into town last Saturday when I noticed a few of our Town Council Workmen busy hacking down masses of overgrown Lilac branches which had been overhanging a wall  blocking a footpath.  I commented what a terrible shame, all those blooms would end up in the town's garden recyling boxes, how I would have loved to have taken some photographs of the gorgeously scented Lilacs to post on Instagram. Well to my surprise once I returned home, there in the garden, was a mass of rescued blooms, my husband had asked the men to let him have some for me! Isn't he a darling! ( Still it does help if your husband is the Town Mayor of course, they could hardly refuse their boss :) x0

I could not resist creating a Spring Lilac Colour Palette, it was hard choice selecting the prettiest 5 shades from this image, but my good friends at really help with this! More about their 'Insights Reports' for Makelight Members on another posting.