It all started when...

I finally had the time to learn about photography. I never considered myself arty, I couldn't draw, paint, nor write poetry,  picking up my first ever DSLR  camera and taking as many courses including City and Guilds from our local Adult Education Centre and online, I discovered my passion for photography and an outlet for my creativity.

I won my first photography competition which was an online competition run by  Google and Wex Photographic, to say I was thrilled was an understatement,  since then I have received a few more prizes too :)

I love Still Life, Styling and Floral photography and my favourite social media platform is Instagram. It was using Instagram that I was asked to collaborate with a Tea Company to produce some photographs for their social media accounts, to my great surprise one photo was selected to be used for promoting their luxury Tea Product in a full page advertisement in a magazine in Poland !  More recently I was contacted via Instagram asking if I  would like to become a Brand Ambassador for Bloom and Wild, an amazing innovational florists, needless to say I said yes.  The Brand Ambassador is only for 3 months, creating gorgeous photographs of their beautiful flowers, however I am grateful to be involved if only for a short time,what comes next, well who knows! 

I am much happier being behind the camera, than in front of it, However recently I had to get used to being in the front and not taking the photographs, as I was very fortunate that my husband was voted as the Mayor of our town, Bideford, allowing me to have the honour and privilege of becoming the Mayoress.  Amongst the many wonderful civic events we attended, I was presented with a magnificent bunch of beautiful daffodils, the whole year holds so many marvellous memories for me but this photo is the one that encapsulates those amazing experiences during our Mayoral year. 

Whatever the reason you have found me here, I hope you enjoy my photography as much as I do. 














Louise Howell